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The city of Hue a UNESCO World Heritage Site is held to commemorate the vibrant The famous legacy of the Nguyen Dynasty. This spectacular festival showcases unique exhibitions of many sports concerts The cultural renditions. To preserve traditions The ceremonies unique to Vietnam officials began to commemorate the festival. Considering that Buddhism is one of the most popular religions in Vietnam this deitys birthday anniversary is definitely a reason for a lavish celebration. The temple is beautifully decorate to celebrate the important occasion of the eighth day of the fourth lunar month. To get Gods blessing worshipers send him flowers fruits The classic Vietnamese delicacies. There are many prayer meetings The street processions The the whole community is in awe of the Almighty. cross.

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Nans Mid-Autumn Festival commemorates years of good harvests when the air is fille with happiness The wealth. This day falls on the first Hoi An Lantern Festival showcases multiple lights. This festival showcases multiple lights The life in Vietnam a perfect fusion of tradition The innovation. Every France WhatsApp Number List outlet building The venue in Old Town commemorates the occasion by turning off the lights on the fourteenth day of each lunar month The lighting a low candle that fits inside an elaborate lantern. See entire cities illuminate by thousands of these paper lanterns.

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What a majestic sight it is The celebration is simply a ritual to request rain The is part of the white Thai calendar. This is accomplishe through various songs The gifts given throughout the small village. According to folklore the larger festivals are accompanie by good rains The good harvests. How to Worship Ancestors on Hungry Ghost Festival or Wandering Soul Day The Vietnamese believe that the spirits of the ancestors will return to their homes on earth all at once at the end of August or the beginning of September. When the spirit world wakes up it is advisable to offer sacrifices to the dead. The night before Wandering Souls Day families USA Person visit their ancestors graves The stay there.


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