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As the purpose of the landing page is to promote a conversion this type of page. Has fewer resources and links that can take the visitor to other areas of your website. An example is this page from Uber: It is totally focus on the visitor registering and becoming an app driver. And the only outbound link that exists is something very discreet. In the top corner of the page for people who want to ride Uber inste of becoming a driver. Essential elements when creating your landing page As you just saw in the Uber example a landing page is usually very simple so that the visitor is not distract by other things.

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Therefore all elements of this type of page are there for one reason only: to encourage conversion. But what exactly are these elements? We separate it here for you! This doesn’t mean you need to add Bhutan Email List ALL of them just the ones that make sense for the type of offer you’re making. The title contains the promise you are making to the visitor and is intende to capture attention and arouse curiosity. A headline that works usually goes straight to the potential customer’s pain or desire making a promise that they’re interested.

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For example in the case of the Uber landing page the title is: If the visitor who arrives at this page is unemployed or would like to work flexible hours this title will probably resonate with them. The offer is what USA Person you are offering to the user. Is it an ebook ? Signing up for a webinar ? A free minicourse? Notification of new content? Introduce this by highlighting the benefit the visitor will get from accepting this offer in a way that it’s something they won’t even think about saying no to. The offer is present in the title of your landing page and is also broken down in the other elements.


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