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That is without having to pay anything you can create websites from a series of predefined templates in addition to being able to customize the pages as you see fit. Without having to understand anything about coding and programming anyone can create their website through Wix. The only thing you will need is internet access and the willingness to make changes whenever necessary. What are the benefits of creating a Wix website? But why is Wix such an attractive choice for your business? Lower prices and free version For starters Wix has very attractive prices for those who want the premium plans. However for even very small businesses the free version is also efficient providing all the basic features.

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Despite having Wix branding in the free version you still have the freedom to choose from the many available templates and moreover you can customize them according to your demands. professional Botswana Email List layouts One of Wix’s differentials is precisely the number of quality layouts that are made available by the platform itself which is ideal for those who don’t have much experience in the subject. In addition the tool offers the option of designing your website in which you indicate your needs provide some data.

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Wix develops an exclusive version for you to create your website or even make some edits. real time editing One of the most frustrating things when creating a website is the difficulty in understanding USA Person how an idea will go live isn’t it? With Wix everything happens in real time allowing you to see the changes exactly as they will look. You don’t have to imagine how that page will look like you can follow exactly what is being done and from there create the ideal version for your goals. What are the disadvantages of creating a Wix website? Despite its many benefits Wix also has some drawbacks.


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