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Here is an example of motion graphics that includes text animation. Silhouettes and illustrations creat  by the famous canadian motion design studio. Ordinary folk . Let’s continue our research into what is possible with ae with something you will surely have come across while browsing youtube. A video by kurzegesagt . The kurzegesagt videos are so-call  explainer videos or. Simply. ” explainers “. Where animat  characters. Accompani  by the voice of a narrator. Explore a topic of social or scientific relevance for  ucational purposes. Explainer videos are usually made using adobe after effects! 

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 For this kind of activity you ne  to work with softwar africa email list like adobe illustrator . The two software integrate very well and are commonly us  in tandem to create rich motion graphics. Just as in the case of explainers. What to create with adobe after effects? Post production and video compositing now imagine that you have a movie and you want to remove an unwant  element that appears in the footage; adobe after effects is capable of doing this kind of post production work . With adobe ae you can also track the camera . That is. Attach more or less animat  elements such as text. Geometric shapes or 3d elements to the movements of the shot. And therefore give the illusion that these elements belong to the scene.

With ae you can also create videos that

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 An example of camera tracking (and compositing with 3d elements) from the british broadcaster channel four using USA Person ae you can also proce  with the replacement of backdrops in videos (an operation known as chroma key or green screen. Sometimes blue screen ). Thanks to ae you can also “extract” or isolate areas of video with the rotobrushing technique . With ae you can also create videos that include animations of three-dimensional elements! Adobe after effects is in fact equipp  internally with features to manage 3d thanks to the collaboration with maxon (the manufacturer of the popular modeling and rendering software cinema 4d )


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