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Not knowing which one is driving more traffic to your business website. The entrepreneur is lost and may end up investing money in campaigns that may not even be working as expect. This is where the URL Builder comes in a free tool that allows. You to track the links on your website and follow the results in a personalized way. With this tool you can find out where traffic comes from which pages are most accessed and many other relevant data to improve your business strategies. Learning to explore the URL Builder is essential to get more results in the digital market. Parameters such as Google’s UTM Urchin Tracking Module or in Portuguese Urchin Tracking Module are valuable for entrepreneurs as they allow you to obtain sensitive data about your business.

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You still don’t know how this works? Do not freak out! In the next topics we’ll explain what it is and show you how to use the URL Builder to crawl your pages. Index What is the URL Builder? Why use Wallis and Futuna Islands Email List URL Builder? Where to use a trackable URL? How to use URL Builder? Where to find UTM reports in Hotmart Analytics? Conclusion desktop version banner What is the URL Builder? The first step to start exploring this tool is to understand how it works. The URL Builder is a resource provided by Google free of charge so that entrepreneurs and website owners can analyze the data generated by a URL.

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By using this tool the entrepreneur is able to add personalized parameters to their URLs and then start receiving feedback with the numbers obtained based on the previously established parameters. The functioning USA Person of the URL Builder depends on linking the website object of analysis to Google Analytics or Hotmart Analytics Hotmart’s data analysis platform. The tools work in a complementary way. If the URL Builder allows you to obtain the data Analytics allows you to study the results.


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