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A lot of that is down to vlogs. Vlog: the birthplace of influencers. For those Things that can’t be who don’t know, vlogs are channels on YouTube, equivalent to a blog, created to deal withThings that can’t be topics of interest by content producers (often independent) who report routines, problems, stories and cases that attract the attention of Internet users. Because they are, in most cases, “ordinary people”, users identify with the developed material. What’s more, having someone naturally charismatic share situations that people go through on a daily basis causes empathy in the audience. Now add a fundamental 21st century element to that account: social media.

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Today, the market offers endless possibilities of themes and content for the public to compose their routine on the internet. Games, movies, series, beauty, entrepreneurship, behavior, humor… there are many options and for each one of them there is a prepared influencer. Sharing videos with friends about subjects that came up Uganda WhatsApp Number List at lunch at work, or on a break from school, for example, is one of the most common ways to make a digital influencer popular. They end up getting frighteningly high numbers of video views, channel subscribers, and social media followers. A true legion of engaged fans ready to be found by companies.

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Now, since a digital influencer has control of such a large volume of potential customers, why not integrate them into an assertive sales strategy? Benefits of Influencer Marketing Influencer Marketing conveys information that influences customers’ purchasing decisions through trust in a famous figure. The approach makes sense given that research shows that people trust product recommendations made by other individuals USA Person more than the brands themselves. In addition, this strategy allows brands to directly reach the persona , as they can segment actions and choose influencers who have a profile close to that of the company.


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