Recurring business models for your company

These famous people in some area of ​​activity are paid to Recurring business produce content in the form of a partnership in order to influence the decision of the followers. By “manipulating” the user’s consumption habits on the internet, your company gains in: Search volume and customer acquisition Influencer Marketing is an excellent method of customer acquisition. Digital marketers, who already use the strategy, consider it the fastest source of growth. Research carried out by Tomoson , an American marketplace company for influencers, showed that 22% of digital marketing professionals pointed to Influencer Marketing as the fastest method of increasing customer acquisition, against 17% who cited organic search.

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Which heard specialists in digital marketing, for 51% of them, the Influencer Marketing strategy helps to bring more qualified leads. That is, customers more willing to make a purchase, the so-called SQL’s. Another highlight is that respondents who use the strategy in their campaigns showed consistent return numbers, the ROI. On average, for every dollar invested in Influencer Marketing, the return is US$6.50. Only 18% of respondents did UK WhatsApp Number List not earn revenue from the strategy. brand trust In 2017, the American magazine Entrepreneur , specialist in entrepreneurship, published a survey by Nielsen Catalina Solutions , pointing out significant data on the presence of digital influencers in business.

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According to the survey, content published by an influencer generates 11 times more results than traditional campaigns. This happens because people trust the reports of other individuals more than the word of companies. Therefore, using a famous person who has credibility to publicize a product is an efficient solution USA Person to build public trust in the brand. After all, “if someone I trust uses a product and says it’s good, then it must be good”. Furthermore, if the product meets expectations, the consumer himself can play a role as a defender and promoter of the brand. Revenue increase Still based on the survey of the American company.


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