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Therefore, the chosen platform needs to process more than one type. On the market, there are platforms that integrate with payment gateways and increase the sales capacity of your e-commerce. product customization It is important that you create custom pages for each product you are selling. In it, there should be detailed information about the product so that the customer knows exactly. what he is buying. Also, this page should be organized and visually pleasing. Therefore, choose the platform that provides you with this feature search filter.

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We confess that this is a functionality present in 99.9% of the platforms, but I cannot fail to mention it. The simple search filter is essential for a virtual store. It makes it easier for customers to navigate and improves the user experience on your El Salvador WhatsApp Number List website because it directs the search to the right product. smart search Another very common and indispensable resource in an e-commerce platform is the smart search. It must be keywords search for synonyms suggest keywords with better results Analytics and Digital Marketing To ensure the success of your store, it is essential to be able to measure results by integrating analysis tools such as Google Analytics.

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But it also allows you to explore relationship actions with your customers, integrating marketing. Automation platforms, and product feeds to expose your products on platforms such as Google Shopping , Facebook and Instagram . What is the main USA Person platform for online store today? Before starting the list, let’s make it clear that this is an opinion of Olivas Digital. The following list has a classification of platforms suitable for each size of business, starting with the largest ones to those with the lowest sales volume. VTEX Unlike the other platforms on this list, VTEX is a SaaS platform with cloud hosting.


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