Hybrid Application Know What It is and if It is Worth Having One

Simply put, this means that when you choose to use it, you won’t have to worry about resource upgrades or anything like that. The company that makes the platform available works on the evolution of the solution that can be implemented in its virtual store without much effort with the help of a partner agency. VTEX can be considered as the best e-commerce platform in terms of customization, so if you want to create your own identity, it might be the best choice. In addition, it integrates with ERP and CRM and its use is intuitive, both for customers and salespeople.

Advantages of a hybrid application

It has a range of features that improve your conversion rates , including: pros It has Smart Checkout and One Click Buy as native features of the platform that facilitate the purchase with one click, without delay It is Omnichannel, it allows you to manage Estonia WhatsApp Number List various forms of contact with the customer in a unified way, whether through cell phone, web, social network, totem, etc. It makes cloud storage that helps with the scalability and speed of the site even with a high volume of visits. It is indicated for large stores, with high sales volume and access.

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Less development time

It has integration with Marketplace in which you can select the products you want to sell, manage campaigns and configure special logistics for sales made by it. It has development support, as it is constantly evolving to bring new features cons. High cost to implement the platform Fixed cost of maintenance and retention of up to 2.5% of revenue. Depends on hiring an agency to implement, customize and register products. If you USA Person want to install a new resource developed, you should look for the partner agency to incorporate VTEX is undoubtedly one of the most robust platforms on the market.


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