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What is an ergonomic chair and how to choose one for a more productive workplace?

When you work in Digital Marketing there is something very evident, you will spend many hours sitting in front of the computer. So, it is unavoidable to use an ergonomic chair that prevents to a certain extent health problems related to poor posture. Now, what should you take into account to choose the one that best suits you? Because not just any chair will do, it’s not just about being comfortable while you work, but rather about avoiding serious long-term health problems that can even become chronic.It is undoubtedly a key element to achieve correct posture while working, in such a way that you will avoid pain in joints and muscles, less fatigue and therefore, yes, it will have a decisive influence on improving you productivity.

Will an ergonomic chair make me more productive then?

A little bit of storytelling… It’s been a little over a year since I arrived in the world of digital marketing, and I’ve been running job function email list my blog for about ten months. Before I hardly used the computer: I had a laptop but I didn’t even have a mouse. Digital marketing fascinated me and absorbed me in such a way that when I realized I had a brutal tendonitis in my elbow, because it had not even occurred to me to stop and think that I needed another piece of equipment. First thing I did was buy a mouse.  Tendonitis disappeared, but my back hurt more and more. Clear! She was working on a normal dining room chair, without arms or anything, you have to be unconscious! And with a laptop! I’ve been like this for about 8 months.

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Why do you need an ergonomic chair?

Depending on the pain you experience, you can more or less know what is wrong with your workplace (from an ergonomic point of view, of course). Your neck hurts USA Person It is usually because the screen is located at the wrong height or is not properly centered in front of you.  Shoulders hurt They will hurt if the height of the table is inappropriate for you, or if you cannot support your forearms when typing. Back hurts It hurts when the chair is inadequate or poorly positioned with respect to the other elements of the position.  Wrists and hands hurt ⇒ They suffer if you use a mouse that is not suitable for you or that is not ergonomic. They will also hurt if the table height is incorrect.

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