Lead in Marketing and what types exist

Have you heard this term before and wondered what it means? Therefore, let us help you, because the results of your business will largely depend on this. Discover what we call Lead in a Digital Marketing plan , how you can attract them and, fundamentally, what you should do to convert them into loyal customers. It is very common to think that business success depends purely and exclusively on the number of clients you have. Is this real? Partly! Because that’s just the end of the road, that is, to have many buyers, you first need to have a large number of people who start by knowing you and being interested in what you offer. But how do we do it? In this post we will learn everything we need to know about the topic .

What is the difference between Lead, Prospect and Potential Client?

A Lead is a user who has left their data in a form and thus has become part of a company’s email contact list Database. From that moment, and upon acceptance of the privacy policy, our brand will be able to begin more fluid communication with that new contact. Now, let’s keep in mind that the registration of this data can come in different ways. We will see these sources of attracting contacts later. But, something that must be clear is that this Lead has not yet acquired any service or product, which is why we say that it is in an initial phase of the customer’s life cycle. What is our main objective here? That of converting him into a client. Think of it as if that user agreed to hand over their data by implying: “ I want to know a little more about you.

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Everything you need to know about Leads in Marketing!

When we talk about potential clients, let’s keep in mind that not all of them are at the same USA Person stage of the decision-making process. That is, to build an effective conversion strategy, we must be clear about the differences that exist between them. A Lead that has the profile of your Buyer Persona is not the same as one that is not similar at all. One is probably closer to becoming a customer, if you do things the best way. Nor will you treat someone who barely knows your brand the same as someone who has already seen you, compared your competitors, and is seriously considering purchasing your product or service. Likewise, some have more Engagement with your brand from the beginning, either because you have generated.


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