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The above examples are of course the simplest possible combinations of shopping. Paths which are only intended to illustrate the mechanism. Shopping paths is a very broad. Topic about which you could write a very long. Article or even an ebook so I encourage you to explore it. What types of online advertising to use in the purchase path? There are many types of online advertising that you can use to create such a shopping path. Below you will find short descriptions of the most popular ones. Thanks to this you will be able to choose the ones that are best for you those. That will best resonate with your business and product and will be convincing for your customers.

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Types of internet advertising Presence on Google Presence in. Google is one of the most important aspects of online advertising. I’m not talking about it at all because I deal with it every day. Advertising Canadian CEO Email Lists on Google is so good because you have the ability to reach customers when they really need you. After all if someone enters a given phrase in the search engine they are in search mode and want to find solutions to their problems. If you deliver them very often you win a customer. SEO Positioning is an activity aimed at displaying your website as high as possible in Google search results.

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In theory every page is displayed there but only a dozen or so of the best positioned ones are displayed on the first page of results. Remember that the number of places on the first page of Google USA Person is limited and the number of companies on the Internet is very large. Achieving this is not easy or quick but even getting close to this result is one of the most effective forms of advertising on the Internet. Positioning requires some technical knowledge and above all time even with good positioning you need to wait at least a few months for the results. However you can easily find comprehensive articles and guides on SEO.


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