Stages of developing a product strategy

You can use the free Google Keyword Planner or create an account with Senuto. If you have a large store and you want to position it very well these tools will be very useful to you anyway. Write down all the phrases by which customers could find your store or website. You can group them to keep things organized. You will come back to them in the next steps. Planning the structure of subpages and page content You need to know that potential customers should land on the right subpages depending on what phrase they type in Google. This increases the likelihood that they won’t leave the page in a matter of seconds.

Show how you will be useful to the audience

In addition the more the landing page matches the query the greater the chance of gaining a customer. Building the page structure should be based on the keyword analysis you did in the previous step. Knowing IT Directors Managers Email Lists the words used by potential users you know what they really need. See the graphic that perfectly presents the individual elements of the subpage and the types of keywords for which they should appear in Google. The most important things to pay attention to are.

C Level Executive List

Do not use existing as a teaser

Home words related to the company name or general description of the activity pet shop repair company etc. Product category category subpage containing products related to the search wedding USA Person dresses construction tools etc. Product page a subpage dedicated to one specific product Sony screwdriver etc. Category of services a subpage dedicated to a set of related services legal services accounting services etc. A specific service a subpage dedicated to a specific service criminal cases accounting for companies etc. Howto content blog post FAQ page. In general all content containing the information that potential customers are looking for. Each subpage on the entire website has a purpose for you and requires a given action from a potential customer.


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