Improving Performance And Results

However you need to specify who exactly your customer is. Why they buy your products how old they are what guides them when. Choosing different products or how they spend their time online. The answers to these and other questions determine what kind of advertising is best for you. Typically customers can be divided into two or three main. Target groups which differ in demographic characteristics. Age gender place of residence or interests. Decide what is the purpose of your online advertising. Contrary to appearances advertising does not have to be used only. To sell products it can also be a tool for building an image educating current. Potential customers or reaching people who do not know your company yet.

Expanding Brand Reach And Awareness

So determine what exactly you want to achieve with online advertising this will determine the choice of the type of advertising and how you will communicate with your audience. Combine different types of advertising As I mentioned at the beginning advertising on the Internet today is carried out in several ways. However these are not randomly General Manager Email List selected types of advertising but a logical shopping path the first contact with the advertisement should build awareness the second arouse the desire to buy and the third time the customer should be finally convinced to make this purchase. For each of these stages the appropriate type of advertising is selected.

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Building Trust And Credibility

Examples of shopping funnels: Post in social media that attracts interest and leads to an article on the company blog article on the blog that links to the product card in the online store description of USA Person the product in the store that convinces to buy Advertising in sponsored Google results a convincing and comprehensive description of the service on the website a landing page with a promotion where the customer makes a purchase Local positioning a wellrun profile in Google Maps a website that can be accessed from Google Maps to check details e.g. restaurant menu


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