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The beginning of the Lunar New Year. This festival in Vietnam allows the whole family to come together The participate in customs such as lighting fireworks to attend temples The offering flowers. It is deeply roote in ancient ideals of family unity The god worship. Its such a great time to be in Vietnam because you can feel the energy of the day in the air. The Perfume Festival is centere on the Perfume Tower. The pilgrims then took boats up the Yanhe River to the foot of Fragrant Hills. From the stone steps you will head to the cave where food options sacre sculptures The burning incense create the ideal atmosphere for quiet contemplation. This Vietnamese holiday is for Ki.

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Chanting the God of the Pagoda this is a colorful activity that is said to bring good luck to the participants. Pilgrims to the Goddess Temple wear native Vietnamese costumes The carry beautifully decorate bamboo handicrafts. Ceremonies include games such as capture the flag lion dance The wrestling to mark the day. The festivities also include Finland WhatsApp Number List a lively variety of folk dancing classical music satire The chamber music. The Hung King Temple Festival pays homage to their powerful rulers. In honor of Vietnams first monarch BC the Hung King Temple Festival is held.

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To commemorate the contribution of this powerful ruler a hundre lanterns illuminate the night sky The an elaborate religious ceremony is held at the Xiong Temple. The next morning there was a big celebration. An ancient place where the royal family praye to the gods. Hue Festival pays homage to Nguyen USA Person Dynasty in Hue Festival.


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