Understand What It is and Why It’s Important

Texts videos e-books Catalogs. The production of this content makes the search engines better position your website because it indicates to people that the company has a lot to offer. In addition, it is a sales facilitator, as it helps in capturing leads and in the learning process. Make promotions to increase the company‚Äôs sales Finally, don’t forget an old and efficient strategy: promotions ! Promotions can trigger a lot of feelings in customers. This will depend on how you work your offers. You may have heard the phrase: run, they are the last units.

Why is the ICE Score important for your company

This type of promotion works with a sense of urgency because it highlights scarcity. Another very common phrase is: discounts for those Denmark WhatsApp Number List who buy now. In addition to the urgency, it emphasizes the advantage of buying. But, if you don’t want to appeal to calls like these, you can give discounts on selected products, on purchases above a certain amount or even offer free delivery. In any case, customers like to have advantages when buying, use this to increase your sales. And, if you want a partner, we can help you because here at Olivas Digital we are specialists in Digital Marketing.

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How to calculate the ICE Score

We do media campaigns focused on results and we develop content strategies for companies of all sizes and segments. Contact me now !Content is one of the main pillars of Digital Marketing , which is why a blog is very important for the success of a website. What is a content blog? A long time ago, blogs were like virtual diaries in which authors USA Person wrote about subjects with which they most identified. Afterwards, they began to serve as a space for publishing materials that would serve as a portfolio. However, nowadays, the blog has become an important Digital Marketing tool.


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