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Plann to say all evening. that the new  ever us. You turn the phone around to check it out. and you’re likely to agree that it’s pretty sleek. This is already the case. The spectacle is over. It’s just that you don’t know it. They still hope to receive a message or call from the beauty in the next few days. But she never calls. Here’s how New York’s Secret BlackBerry ad campaign went. BlackBerry’s intention was to get the new smartphone into the hands of a pretty. sociable young woman who would market the phone without the public.

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Or potential customers knowing.  going to Dominican Republic Phone Number List trendy bars and flirting with other men to sell smartphones. BlackBerry’s statement in response to the event. at the request of the New York Daily News. was no. However. BlackBerry isn’t the first handset maker to get in on the action. There was a similar campaign a few years ago that can be consider one of the most famous stealth marketing campaigns. You can find out who’s behind this campaign and what it’s targeting in the next post in the Stealth Marketing blog special. Previous Stealth Marketing article. Back to main article Stealth Marketing. In-Sneak and In-Between This article is due on publish on. Keywords. examples. definitions. stealth marketing. Customer heart.

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