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Top Stealth Marketing Campaigns for  Blog specials Coverage of the Top Stealth Marketing Campaigns (Tickets) Read an upcoming section of the blog featuring more exciting campaigns around the topic of stealth marketing. . At the end of the year. Microsoft Germany releas a video showing a man nam Jumping over a large water slide before landing unharm in a paddling pool in the distance. The video description contains the link.

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If you search for this name on the Ecuador Phone Number List Internet. you will find a public profile.  ) who report on the water slide project. The secret marketing of Microsoft in Germany is ostensibly a real person developing non-abrasive surface coatings. The project is showcas in blog programs at and above. and the progress of the project is often present in the form of screenshots. These screenshots are from the program. and if you look at the imprint again. the owner of the site is not or his program office. but is. Microsoft attempt to promote their new Project software with a viral video that currently has around . views on Twitter.

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An account and two other pages

Without making it clear that the campaign USA Person was a fake video or a fictional character. This imprint alone has fuel speculation about the video and the items shown.  Stealth and Between This entry was post in Stealth Marketing as of the date of yr month. Tags. examples. definitions. microsoft. stealth marketing. Customer heart Your contact request We support companies with seminars. training courses. consulting methods and coaching! How can we help you. What is this about. Simply tell us what it’s about. This makes it.


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