Choices and public approval

Brands found themselves having to make important decisions. Regarding their communication strategy: some created ad hoc. Commercials or modified some aspects, others continued along the path taken before the coronavirus, a choice that proved to be virtuous. Research analyzes sentiment and provides valuable indications for the new normality. Choices and public approval
Ow has advertising changed during the lockdown? We have all observed how the advertising market has been profoundly ..Affected by the health emergency caused by covid-19. In the current scenario, where companies and brands are called to review their business strategies, we considered it important to carry out an in-depth reflection on the subject of advertising. The pandemic has effectively. Made the consumer decision-making context an unstable. Environment and people are adapting to this changing situation, changing their behavior and making different decisions, outside

Known areas and predictable patterns

o provide concrete and real analytical support to brands that have found. Themselves having to make important decisions regarding thei.R communication strategy, the dentsu aegis network group and toluna , a digital marketing research agency specialized in agile research solutions, have combined the strengths and skills to carry out a study aimed at examining, understanding and investigating consumer sentiment africa email list towards the different responses and actions implemented by. Companies during the lockdown period.The results, in some unexpected passages, have provided a precise and timely overview of what the market has done up to now, but, above all, they outline useful guidelines for dealing with future phases and the progressive return to normality. The analysis also emerges that, in this new scenario, consumers pay much more attention to brands

That intend to engage in the right way those that

africa email list

This last piece of evidence responds to a question that arose at the beginning .Of the health crisis. In that period, in fact, we wondered whether leaving our tone of voice and communication strategy unchanged was the safest choice for the brand. Today, analyzing the response to advertising during the lockdown, we can safely say that it is not only a “Safe” path, but even a virtuous one in terms of effects on My Blog the consumer.However, it was the adaptive category that obtained lower scores with. Respect to satisfaction and impact on the brand. Results. That can only be explained if the particular historical period in which the survey took place is taken into. Consideration. In the moments immediately following the outbreak of the health emergency, in fact


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