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From the first data released by the observatories of the. Polytechnic university of milan, an annus horribilis is expected. For the entire advertising sector, with online advertising .Declining for the first time in history. Boom in video streaming. Services: 2 out of 3 have activated at least one subscriptionhe .Health emergency has not only blocked industrial production. Covid-19 has also had a rather heavy impact on the advertising. Investments of italian companies . Despite the indication from many. Quarters that it is not worth suspending advertising campaigns and that users would like to continue listening to the voice of companies, many production companies have put already

Approved communication campaigns on standby

As emerges from the latest research by the internet media observatory of. The polytechnic university of milan , 2020 seems destined to go down. In history. In a negative sense, however : for the first time in history, according to estimates, advertising revenue collapses Internet Advertising  will decline with an  europe email list expected reduction. g. To the values ​​of 2018. A real hemorrhage, in advertising revenue collapses Internet Advertising  short, which will affect .All sectors analyzed. By experts without distinction.The forecasts for internet adv 2020 are however better than the overall ones, down by 18%. In total, the collection should be around 7 billion euros, the worst figure for 15 years now. Not all sectors, however, will be impacted in the same way : web and tv advertising revenues will. Drop less than those of radio, press and out of home which will see..

Revenues drop by a fifth compared to

europe email list

Web collection, in particular, should be around 2.8 billion euros. Advertising on search engines will be affected by the sharp .Decline in sales in the tourism, travel, ticketing and events sectors , which are experiencing a delicate situation to say the least. “the italian programmatic market , I.E. The channel for buying and selling advertising space in real time based on the use of user data, closed 2019 with growth of 14% (reaching 556 million euros in revenue) – states andrea lamperti , director of the internet media observatory -, but in 2020 it. Will be affected by the general decrease, with a first estimate of closure. At the end of the year of around 480 million”.
The only channel that should experience a very slight growth .Is that of digital audio advertising , but its value is still rather marginal My Blog and should have. An absolute weight of around 1% of the total. Advertising revenue expected for 2020. Tv and web, instead, they have an almost identical slice of the pie (42% and 40% respectively), while press (9%), radio (5%) and out of home (4%) will divide the remaining part.


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