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Split  testing is consider to be the most effective conversion rate optimization method whether it’s a BB or BC landing page. Figure  Rice. Overview of Effective Strategies for Landing Page Optimization All in all you need a plan that will help you design effectively and experiment effectively. You want to have a solid plan that covers every element under test including text and image position background color icons and navigation structure headings number of images per page and so on. Once you develop a solid plan you can be confident that your conversion rate will consistently improve. It all comes down to a structured approach that can be copied.

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Brands that start with a plan have seen impressive results. Figure  Rice. Structure approach to testing In a survey conducted by Consultancy and Redeye . of respondents who use a structur approach to conversions improve their sales. Please note that if you conduct A/B testing without considering your business goals and user behavior this can lead to ineffective Pakistan Phone Number List testing. For this reason make sure your main goal is always visible and clear – when running any split testing campaign. Since the development of a split A/B testing plan should be base on a structure plan you must constantly improve the process – never stop. Flexibility when will give the best results. 

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Each stage of the cycle is aimed at simplifying the next stage. Figure  Rice. Stages of testing To improve your plan and achieve a successful A/B test let’s start with the basics: Track the performance of your website over a period of time: Be specific in your measurements. Pressler has listed  website performance metrics to keep track of if you want to get the best results with split testing. Figure  Rice. Effect of Variations on Conversion Rate You must first know how much traffic your web page or site generates each week or each month. Most content USA Person marketers use a -month time frame but this doesn’t have to be the case. 

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