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Target Brand Growth Please introduce yourself to our readers. Apply for my call. I’m working as a project manager. Covers the entire field of talent development. Here I am primarily responsible for the overall coordination and myself as a trainer in the area of ​​communication training. Her speech revolv around the topics of marketing leadership and brand management. What content should we look forward to I show our guests the concept of successfully managing people and drew an analogy to brand management.

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There are very interesting synergies here. If Georgia Phone Number List you want.  design for people development to a marketing environment. We look at what you can learn from the modern philosophy of talent development for brand management. After all. we are all our own brand and want to market ourselves as best as possible. you think Where are the biggest challenges marketers face in . I think it’s becoming increasingly difficult to anchor yourself in the minds of clients in a sustainable and positive way. The topic of acquiring new clients is always exciting.

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Do you have a tip you’d like to share with USA Person us.  and think outside the box. Many times. people can find interesting ways to help their work from people who are not initially relat to their field. What are you most looking forward to at Marketing Days in Cologne. Facing many familiar faces who don’t see each other often. as well as lively exchanges among colleagues. Thank you for this interview. We look forward to your speech! Do you like this article. Then buy your tickets here now! This entry was post on . General. Events Trade Shows. Marketing Trends & Innovation. Continuing ucation. Keywords Cologne.


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