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Format You ne to test receiv  cold cold and icy audiences We identifi a few options Posts with buttons and carousels because clickability is the best For the general record we talk about the benefits of ordering By the way this is Regarding click through rate and cost per click we note that for carousel or collage formats the number of clicks is in rubles and for the universal record format which covers all the pains of customers the number.

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Of clicks is in rubles At the same of Universal South Korea Phone Number List Records is several times higher About Touch Chains During the testing phase we appli the touch chain strategy first familiar records with buttons collages then follow the touch chains to generate generic records covering all pain and then carousels with items and specials Such a series of contacts we show the ad to people who pass the first stage show excellent results Audience test case My dream fish project receiv applications each application fee is rubles image number This is our specialtyWith the most competition in almost every field the interest category is the most promising.

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Environment After all our target audience USA Person is have yet to reach Therefore the most precise settings are requir here And cool ideas Which ideas work Show AdsPike CaviarAd LinksFish and Caviar Delivery PromotionsCases by TargetsFish and Caviar Delivery PromotionsCases by TargetsFish and Caviar Delivery PromotionsCases by TargetsPike Caviar Mechanics in Pike Caviar Audience Selection The active response of people repositioning the year is bas on the analysis of activities for promotional competitors in selecting creatives The funniest content even in video formats that your competitors don t actually use is engaging I would pay.

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