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Data-driven strategic decisions course developing. Everything you need to the strategic planning of companies is the first step to achieve good results. And for that, knowing how to Everything you need to set goals through data analysis is fundamental. The course offered by Cousera will teach you the fundamentals of data analysis and how companies use it to solve problems. You will learn to analyze the most important data for the decision-making process in business. In the course you will also see the entire structure for data analysis. The tools used to check and understand the information that will serve to support the strategy.

Improvement of internal processes

Google Analytics Course Speaking of performance evaluation. If you still haven’t mastered the analysis of metrics , this is the time to improve your knowledge.  In addition, know how to develop a strategic plan for your company. Google Analytics is Google’s tool used to analyze the navigation data of the pages in detail. From this data it is possible to understand the performance of the actions and apply corrections to Vietnam WhatsApp Number List the company’s strategy. The Analytics Academy is a company platform that was created to teach Google Analytics features and techniques. It offers the basics course for beginners and teaches new users how to create an account, implement tracking code and set up data filters.

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Delinquency Reduction

In addition, the course also shows you how to analyze basic audience, acquisition and behavior reports, and how to set up goals and campaign tracking. The advanced module explains how data is collected and processed into readable reports. You’ll learn how to use settings such as custom dimensions and metrics and USA Person event tracking to collect data specific to your business. The course also teaches advanced analytics techniques using segmentation, custom, channel and audience reporting, and marketing strategies such as standard and dynamic remarketing that show ads to customers who have visited your website.


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