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Social Networks What they are what they are for and which. Are the most used by Professionals and Companies Social networks. Are the means of communication par excellence today. In fact, you just have to read what the statistics say: In 2021, there have been an estimated 3.2 billion users on social networks around the world. And the best? This represents almost 40% of the population and is a number that continues to grow. We find more and more information about social networks: new platforms, new functionalities, trends…etc. The truth is that our habits and ways of relating have radically changed. They have also become the best means of communication with potential clients and income for companies and professionals. But in order to take advantage of the potential of these tools, it is first necessary to lay the foundations well.

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For this reason, I want to explain to you throughout this post what social networks are, what they are for and which social networks you are interested in being on if you want to grow with your project. You might also be interested in: 35 Most Effective Digital Marketing Strategies for Companies Whatsapp Web: What it is and how it works executive email list Advertising on Social Networks: What it is, How it works and some Examples Table of Contents [ Hide ] 1 What are Social Networks? 2 What are Social Networks for? 3 List of Social Networks you should be on 4 Has it become clear to you what Social Networks are and what they are for? What are social networks? The definition of Social Networks is the following: A digital space in which people, brands and entities (public institutions, companies, NGOs, associations…) can create a network of contacts and interact.

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This is the main basis of these tools: relating, exchanging and dialoguing. Establish two-way communication. I highlight the concept of “social”, because sometimes we forget the origin of social networks. We find accounts USA Person that look like bulletin boards instead of profiles in which conversations and relationships take precedence. Let us not forget that we are social beings by nature and these tools facilitate this possibility of establishing connections. And how do we relate through these platforms? Publishing content. Images, videos, audios… depending on the social network, the format may vary, but the maxim is the same: reach a number of people with whom to create a link for a specific objective. And many people wonder… What does RRSS mean? Well, RRSS is nothing other than the abbreviation for Social Networks, and without a doubt one of the best-known abbreviations in the world of digital marketing. Especially in the world of Social Media.


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