What it is and how it will impact digital businesses

Gamers also played with this idea of ​​personalized 3D. Therefore, avatars that What it is interact in another reality, as is the case with The Sims and Second Life franchises. Today, even more current. Therefore, games like Fortnite and Minecraft explore this concept. However, as we have noted, none of these initiatives are actually the metaverse we will have in the future . They are still primary concepts in relation to what is to come: an immersive experience that connects with the human senses, something different from simply creating a 3D avatar in a game.

What is the metaverse

The metaverse doesn’t fully exist yet, at least not in the. Advantages: The work involv in implementing this is practically zero, since everything falls on the sponsor. You can negotiate recurring payments, for example, the renewal of a banner every X amount of time or per impressions. When a company advertises, you can then contact other potential interest parties and seeing that their competition is present, they will be interest in appearing. Therefore, way Zuckerberg describes the concept and as tech executive data experts project it. The final idea is for people to live in a virtual reality, go to school, work and interact all the time through the. Therefore, metaverse. We are not there yet, however, we have already managed to feel the taste of this new world through some technologies created especially with the use of virtual reality glasses.

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How does the metaverse work

Augmented reality (AR) technology consists of. Therefore, inserting virtual elements and information into  our real world. What it is Typically, this occurs through the cell phone’s camera, which is used to create an interaction between existing. Therefore, applications and environments. A good example of augmented reality that has become popular is the game Pokémon GO , which uses real maps to create the USA Person paths of the application. In addition, it is possible to interact using the smartphone camera to capture Pokémon in our environments.


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