What Is The Tinkoff Seller Platform

Do you want to learn how to effectively acquire customers from Google? See our SEO course which is a stepbystep instruction. How much does the strategic part of an SEO audit cost? The strategic part of the audit is primarily an analysis of keywords competition. Planning the proper structure of the website. It is on the basis of this information that we plan the optimal construction of the website and its content. As part of the strategic part of the audit: we will indicate all key phrases used by potential. Customers interested in the offer directly and indirectly we prepare. The structure of the website that allows you to generate maximum organic.

Platform Pros And Cons

Traffic based on previously selected phrases we will show you how to build individual page content relevant from the SEO point of view titles description headlines text content we will show you how to VP R&D Email Lists optimize existing content and show you how to create new content we analyze the quality and legitimacy of indexing individual subpages The price of this part of the SEO audit starts from PLN net. Of course with larger projects the cost will be higher the exact prices are give after getting acquainte with the assumptions of the project. How much does a technical SEO audit cost.

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How Does It Work

The technical part consists primarily in dealing with errors related to the possibility of indexing the page and its efficient operation during scanning by Google robots. As part of the technical USA Person part of the audit: we perform website scanning analysis by Google robots we plan proper website indexing what pages are to be visited by robots we create redirect maps of unused addresses we check internal linking we analyze the page in terms of the proper semantics of the HTML code we check or propose the use of structured data we perform website speed analysis we examine other technical elements important from the point of view of SEO.


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