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WUsing graphics language versions mobile versions implementation of canonical. Tags we give ways to eliminate all errors The price of this part of the audit starts from PLN net. Here too the cost may be higher if the construction of the website is more complicated. Is it worth incurring such costs? Such an audit is a very valuable source of information about the state of your business on Google. You will learn about all the mistakes that block you from achieving better results. You will receive an individual analysis of data about your business and recommendations. For future actions that will finally make you feel the positive effects of your presence on Google.

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A well-prepared and thoroughly implemented SEO audit will allow you to increase the effectiveness of acquiring customers from Google and other search engines. This is an investment that will actually VP Quality Email Lists increase your company’s turnover! ill check the correct construction of your website. We will show you how to eliminate technical errors that block the page from increases. We will tell you how to optimize its structure and content to reach more customers. After the SEO audit is complete you will receive a full report containing all the information and plans for further action. The document will be write in plain and understandable language.

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What will the business gain after implementing the audit recommendations? The page will be visible for many businessrelated phrases that are entered by potential customers both USA Person general and specific which are characterized by a high sales rate. The traffic on the website will be more valuable the website will be visited by people who are actually looking for a serviceproduct. The brand will be more recognizable. Thanks to keyword analysis you can get to know your customers better phrases tell you what they need and what intentions are behind them. mistakes that are keeping you from Google customers Learn the most common Google mistakes.


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