Experts must insist that the advertising

Contextual advertising can cost up to rubles Rubbing and rubbing It all depends on region number of keywords and traffic channel In order for experts to assess the cost of work a mia plan or campaign review is requir and bas on this an approximate and improvement of the campaign is set and then bas on experience the specialist proposes an accurate cost Why doesn t the expert put a price tag on his mean check Everything is simple here Let s say some specialist for setting the average check for contextual advertising is growth.

Setting up contextual advertising

Wipe These are just assumptions don t He Singapore Phone Number List was then found to set up contextual ads for an online store with items Such a setting is definitely not fifteen thousand dew rubles but much more expensive and this ad can be configur for months Also there is a link at this link that contains several And locate a database of cases and articles Type of payment in affiliat advertising Payment Simple setup fee Here the cost of the work is usually paid according to the keyword and access to the ad cabinet is forever transferr to the client payment.

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For the campaign This type of payment can be made in two ways Salary fix Here the client pays the expert an agre fee for the work  effect does USA Person not deteriorate salary bonuses Here according to the agreement between the square photos posts with photos and snippets carousels with benefits posts with buttons in various variations We test all possible formats Ad Formats Button Record Ad Formats Button Recording There are various options for traffic management In group messages Register in the app application form in We also tri the website traffic option Test the idea The test for the idea is to choose the best bundle text ad.


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