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This requirement, the generations are . These and other findings from the study provide current managers with important insights into the behavior of young job seekers and the opportunities and challenges of working across generations. Relevance of generational studies Demographic changes are increasingly leaving their mark on the labor market. The number of suitable applicants with the right qualifications is declining and the competition for good employees is increasing. Due to a shortage of specialists and managers, companies are increasingly looking for new employee recruitment strategies. The purpose is to attract and retain employees.

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What’s the best way to build an employer Iceland Phone Number List qualifi employees? Only his potential employees, with an accurate understanding of their requirements and nes, can build and maintain a long-term successful employer brand. Publishing new research Against this backdrop, the German Marketing Institute has investigat the attitudes, expectations and demands of today’s job seekers towards employers, and in what generation is misunderstood? ! publish the results of the study. The research is bas both on data from a dicat study of multiple testers, as well as on existing cohort studies and their requirements for employers. The content of cohort research studies are conduct with a focus on cohorts. The study provides a comprehensive overview.

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Of generations, starting with  grew up, what shap them, and how previous generations, first generations and baby boomers influenc their development. In addition, the nes of the three generations currently dominating the workplace are analyz separately USA Person compar to the requirements of other generations. This forms the basis for analyzing intergenerational work opportunities and challenges. The research question outlines what factors influence the development of generations and what shapes their development? What are the characteristics of generations? How it’s different The study provides a comprehensive overview of generations. In addition, the requirements of the three generations currently dominating the world of work are.


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