9 Best SEO Tricks in 2015 to increase web traffic

9 Best SEO Tricks in 2015 to increase web traffic. 9 Best SEO Tricks in 2015 Chan Ta Ta Chan. I start this month of March with a post where I will give you a tour of the best SEO tricks. In addition, which I am convinced will be very useful to improve your web positioning in 2015 . All of these SEO techniques are “ White Hat SEO ”, so they comply with the guidelines of the search engine giant, therefore they are similar to “ Mister Google ”. Those of you who have followed me for a long time know that I always rely on these types of SEO techniques and strategies to try to improve the Rankings.

Optimizing the freshness index of old posts

Optimizing the freshness index of old posts. Something you have to know is that Google gives more and more importance to fresh content compared to content that is x months or years old.so with this trick I am going to explain how we can optimize old posts that we have written a long time ago and make them rank again on the first page of Google. The process is simple Outlook Email Lists and consists of 3 simple steps. Step 1: We update the content, adding more useful and valuable information, but it is also important that you optimize the visual aspect of the entry, so add a new image.

Outlook Email Lists

Freshness index in new Posts

Freshness index in new Posts. The objective is to find keywords that generate a lot of web traffic. In addition, but when we analyze the best positions we detect that they are content that is 6 months or more old. In addition, in this way we will take advantage of the advantage that fresh content has, to make much more content. complete and current than the rest, and in this way we can rank in USA Person the Top 10 quite easily. This change is very good because it allows us to unseat posts that have been in existence for several years and have great authority from the top positions.


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