How to make nutrition rules to sell more

In this tangle of messages with which users are bombard, there are How to make nutrition commercial messages, informational and institutional content, etc. So how do you stand out? The first step is to send a simple and direct message that is both relevant and leads. The reader to take the action the company expects. For this, adding a call to action is essential! However, let originality take over and replace simple commands with personalize messages. Whose button represents the benefit that clicking on the message will bring. Now, if you offer an e-book to analyze. The performance of a digital marketing campaign, then bet on a call to action. That suggests the company’s gain in downloading that material.

What does it take to create nutrition rulers

Replace “download now” with: “improve your digital strategy without wasting time”, or something like that. base segmentation We have already mention that one of the biggest mistakes of Email Marketing campaigns is the lack of personalization of the messages sent. This has a lot to do with an incorrect or non-existent segmentation of the lead base. With all the program resources that help you identify the stage of the sales funnel and the Thailand WhatsApp Number List consumption profile of leads, there is no excuse for not segmenting your base correctly. Sending irrelevant messages to potential customers makes the contact cool down and gets further and further away from becoming an actual SQL. Also, people like to feel special.

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Define company personas

In Marketing, this means that customers want to feel that the campaign is tailor-made for them. And this is possible! Personalization is a great strategy for improving open and conversion rates. Data from the American company, Monetate , show that 79% of the companies that make USA Person personalize Email Marketing campaigns reach or surpass the revenue objectives. And for personalization to be done, base segmentation is fundamental! Harmony between image and text For a good deliverability rate, it is recommend that an email be divide between 60% text and 40% image.


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