How and why to have a responsive website

That is, emails with a lot of text or that only have images have How and why to a lower delivery rate, and, consequently, lower results in the Email Marketing campaign. Also, it is extremely important to add elements to images to increase traffic and message conversion. ALT attribute to make the image description in special email readers for the visually impaired is essential. It is also used for email providers to understand message content. And don’t forget: use high-quality images with links so your leads can be redirected where the campaign wants them to go. forget the attachments Attaching files to your Email Marketing campaigns is usually frowned upon by email providers.

What is a responsive website

They can understand that the content is malicious and send you straight to the spam box, greatly harming the company’s strategy. To send files to your leads, use call to actions with direct links to the file hosted on your website. You can also choose to use cloud hosting services such as DropBox and Google Drive. Set a person as a sender It is normal to receive emails whose sender is a “contato@” or even “no-reply@”. It’s not Tunisia WhatsApp Number List necessarily a mistake, but a personalized Email Marketing campaign should feel more intimate. Contrary to what personalization seeks to achieve, this practice creates a feeling of impersonality in submissions.

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Why have a responsive website

So how about trying to include the name and email of someone from the company in the sender? This is a great way for the recipient of this email to bond with your brand. Another positive point is that, by excluding “no-reply” from your strategy, you can create a direct and efficient relationship with the USA Person lead. If he has any questions about his message, he contacts the sender and gets personalized service. Deregistration Last but not least, allow people to unsubscribe easily. It may seem contradictory, but unsubscribing is very important for your company’s results.

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