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In this case the graph is divided into three blocks. In the left block we see that in fact until October-November  that is about a year the dynamics of the project was minimal. There was no growth at all at Google. There were some positive aspects in Yandex that began to appear by the end of the year. As soon as the project is -. years old there is a significant increase in its dynamics although during this period no intensive SEO work was carried out on the project. Any SEO specialist with experience will confirm that a project less than . years old in a competitive topic is very difficult to promote. This is due to the Yandex algorithm which slows down the development of young sites. Yandex has a filter that prevents young projects -.

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Years from developing. Unlike Yandex Google does not have a serious age limit. The Google search engine has its own algorithms and they are not so cruel for a young project. If you develop your site correctly precisely in terms of promotion in the Google search Lebanon Mobile Number List engine then results can be achieved much faster than in the Yandex search engine. Within six months you can take a serious position in Google. Yandex and Google now occupy approximately equal market share. But Yandex is a priority for an older audience and Google is a more youthful direction. Projects can be divided into three blocks Young people who are from  to years old these are young sites and they are heavily promoted in Yandex From .

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To  years old this is a sufficient age to advance well in the Yandex search engine but not optimally. It will be difficult to advance in competitive mid-frequency and high-frequency queries. The most optimal age is more than  years. If you make high-quality optimization competent design that inspires confidence then there should be no problems with promotion. Depending on the current project that you have you must form your promotion strategy. How to USA Person determine the age of your project The actual age of the site is the age of its first indexing of the site in the Yandex or Google search engine. You can use the world archive of sites  specify the site to be analyzed and view the indexing history. Use this service to understand the real age of the project.


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