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All of these types are potentially useful but if there’s one that you absolutely cannot leave out it’s the email list. Simply because she is the biggest asset of your business. It may sound pretentious but it’s not. Firstly your message is x more likely to be seen if it is sent via email than via social media. Second your email list is yours alone and nobody takes it away. You don’t depend on any intermediary to send your message. Not to mention that email is almost times more efficient at winning customers than Facebook and Twitter combined. But before you go around asking for people’s email calm down. Because the email list as indispensable as it is is not as powerful as a contact list. What’s the difference then? The fact is the contact list contains more information about your potential customers.

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In addition to email it provides you with powerful data that can help you segment your audience to send more targeted and assertive messages. For example: date of birth company where you work city Australia Accountant Email Lists country website. The big idea is to transform your email list into a contact list by asking for more specific information for leads. What is the contact list used for? The contact list is for keeping information about your customers and leads intelligently organized in one place.

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It’s like those construction material stores that offer everything from basics to finishing. You don’t have to go to different places to buy the materials you need in each of the stages of construction USA Person because you’ll find everything you need there. So you end up saving time and energy. At Hotmart Send the contact list brings together everything you need to know about your potential and current customers. From the contact email and basic information to the lead’s action history if they confirmed the registration opened their emails and how engaged they are with your email marketing campaigns.


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