Everything you need to know about the GA4

Region Age Sex Income likes and much more So, get to know Everything you need your persona to create offers that make sense and avoid wasting money on campaigns! 2. Choose the right platform for your audience If you know your audience well, this part is easy. It’s obvious, but we need to remember that there’s no point in investing in channels that your client isn’t on. So, again, we recommend that you apply yourself to getting to know the people who buy from you. Do some research on these people and document the information to outline the ideal customer profile. Once you have this in hand, it will be easier to determine the placements for your ads.

What changes with the GA4

Be simple, direct and sincere in the offer At this point, let’s think about a few things that make up ads. The first thing to do is create an attractive message that catches attention and is easily understood by the customer. See the example of a campaign we carried out for the Jabuticaba Gastronomia website. Example of paid traffic. The offer is clear and the Belarus WhatsApp Number List message direct, even if it has a caveat. The idea is that you don’t go out promising things you can’t deliver. Often, eagerness and sales instinct speak too loudly and end up harming customers’ shopping experience. Show the action you expect from the user Call to action is a powerful and fundamental element for paid traffic with good results.

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GA4 enables app and website analytics

It will tell the customer the action you expect them to take next, so it needs to be very clear and to the point. Depending on the offer, you can be bold and create calls a little more creative, but always remembering to ensure that the offer is compatible with the delivery. Use Lookalike The Lookalike or Similar Public (as it is called in Google Ads) is a feature of the ad platforms that allows us to create an audience segmentation to reach profiles similar USA Person to those who converted in the campaigns. That is, it finds common characteristics between profiles and increases the reach of the ad to an audience that is similar to the one that has interacted with your ads before.


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