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That visitor wishes are record and then consistently implement. Visitor survey results from 2010 to 2010, theĀ  proven that Cologne Zoo has an overall satisfaction rating of , and a willingness to recommend of . In the presence of the mia, Prof. M.D. Award to Michael Berneke. Mr. Cologne Zoo Director comment on the findings as follows: This shows that our constant further developments, such as new and newly renovat restaurants, are popular with visitors. The Dr. conclud the following: As a friend of the Cologne Zoo.

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I am very pleas with the positive results of the investigation. of an efficient and constructive treatment of the findings. This article was publish in Events Trade Shows, Market Research, PR Works as of 1/2/2019. Keywords: Survey, Cologne Russia Phone Number List Zoo. Similar Articles Participate in the 2019 Trending Topic Survey, ! Reminder: Business Development Insights expires on May 1! Monthly Yearly Trending Topic Survey! Cologne Zoo: Michael Berneck and the German Marketing Institute take over the sponsorship of the donkey Michel Cologne Zoo.

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Pro Dr. and the German Marketing : Year USA Person Social Mia MarketingYour Opinion: Year Social Mia Marketing Read for You: Ambush Marketing: Basic Tactic Effects Read for You: Ambush Marketing: Basic Tactic EffectYour ContactRequest Us Through a Seminar , training courses, consulting methods and coaching to support the company! How can we help you? why? Briefly tell us what it’s about. This makes it easier for us to assign you the right contact. Company enter your business name here Name enter your name here Telephone enter your phone number here Desir call back time You can tell us here to reach you by phone between 2:00 am and 1:00 pm best time. e-mail Enter your e-mail address hereEnter a commentThe Cologne Zoo once again.


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