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We recommend inergis brand March 13, 2023 News The group of the agency’s clients has been extende by the Inergis brand. At the first stage of cooperation, our team is responsible for preparing a marketing strategy for the client. INERGIS SA operates in the construction and installation industry, and was founde in 1988. Since its inception, INERGIS has been dealing with facility energy installations. In addition to traditional technologies such as gas boiler rooms, the company specializes in Renewable Energy Sources (RES), including: photovoltaic installations, heat pumps, cogeneration and trigeneration base on combine systems, using absorption.

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Adsorption aggregates. – Our company has been on the market for over 30 years. We have extensive experience and extensive knowlege. Therefore, the time has come where we want to look at our marketing photo editor activities to strengthen the message we are sending to the world, including of course potential customers. We believe that the Commplace agency , as a reliable business partner, will support us in building and developing the Inergis brand. A brand we are proud of. – Adrian Wachelka, Member of the Management Board, representative of Inergis. We are glad that the Inergis brand is another company in our portfolio.

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Shops in the Czech Republic are happy to go online. Interestingly, there is no single clear leader. We have major players on the Polish market, such as Allegro or OLX, with whom it is difficult to compete. The Czech online store is for everyone. There are currently about 50,000 e-shops on the market. These are small shops in the Czech Republic. The Czech market has the USA Person largest number of shops in all of Europe, taking into account the number of inhabitants. The share of foreign customers in the online space is also growing. This is great news for Polish companies that plan to sell in the Czech Republic.

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