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Always present in  You will all have come across posts on social mia in which users comment. Without even understanding what was. Written or digress on other topics with zero semantic correlation. And the mass mia are skill at confusing semantic fields to obtain confusion and indecision on the part of the public. Rhetoric and logic must be studi if we want to argue correctly. Otherwise we will always be at the mercy of personal taste, of our personal position to the detriment of our objective one. Arithmetic is not subjective, numbers have value.

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Worlds and environments in an extraordinary seo expate bd and unique way. Obviously the practical part of life is indispensable but if it is not bas on certain knowlge it is useless. It’s like teaching a person to do something without explaining why or how to possibly evolve that construction action. However, I remain optimistic because I know the power of teaching reasoning, of competence, of the ucational community and of the power. That young people have to change and improve and improve ourselves. The liberal arts are more relevant than ever and each of us must make an effort.

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People that a new form of artist is ne in this USA Person society in which value and not success is promot. “ The supreme touch of the artist, knowing when to stop. Arthur Conan Doyle British writer The main photo in this article is one of the most complete representations of the liberal arts in the Middle Ages. It is locat in the Cappellone degli Spagnoli in Florence, fresco by Andrea di Bonaiuto. SHARES About the author Mariano Diotto Brand strategist, neuromarketing and neurobranding expert and founder of a master’s degree in Web Marketing & digital communication from the IUSVE university.


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