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Unconscious processes.  neuromarketing because people can’t simply be shov into a brain scanner to find out. Market researchers have to rethink what’s going on in there. Researchers in Berlin. who mainly work with eye-tracking measurements. and the Center for Neuroeconomic Marketing Management in Hannover ( ) have now analyz black-box consumers in a joint study. Influence of Soft Factors on Purchase Decision Findings. For shampoo. approximately % of purchase decisions can be trac back to hard factors. Soft factors can even explain the above purchasing decisions. This suggests that examination of soft factors.

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Can increase the informational value of market Cayman Islands Phone Number List research. I dimension explains the purchase decision better. I suspect that people will more spontaneously buy soft drinks than shampoo if the focus is on the efficacy of the product. From this. it can be conclud that the soft factor. namely the emotional connection with the brand. strongly influences the purchase decision. However. the conscious decision of consumers is the prerequisite for the unconscious effect of advertising to work. More insights and information from the Neuromarketing workshop If you want to learn more about the exciting link between implicit behavior and consumer decision-making. visit our two-day Neuromarketing workshop in Cologne.

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