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Fig There are only three colors on the main page Blue and orange are the main colors on the site and the page is dominate by various shades of blue. Orange is use as the color of the call to action button and because orange is complementary to blue the button stands out and attracts attention. Going back to the color language we look at earlier this color scheme can be classifie as a monochrome combine with complementary colors. This color scheme is use throughout the site. Here is what one of the blog posts looks like.

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Monochrome combine with complementary colors This is a simple color scheme but incredibly effective due to its simplicity. This suggests that eye-catching colors are not always better. The Evernote blog is another great example of this approach: Fig. Evernote USA Phone Number List Blog Color Scheme The design of the blog is done in green which is the main color of the Evernote brand. There are some other fantastic green touches on the site – the picture the login button and the hyperlinks are all green. Yellow is also use making this an analog color scheme.

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An Internet Marketing Strategy The Essential Foundations

Evernote Blog Color Scheme A simple design can have a huge impact – keep this in mind when choosing a color scheme for your site.This is one of the most important elements of good design and can be use USA Person when creating a site’s color scheme. Contrast is important because it really draws attention. For example contrast can draw attention to certain parts of a page. Take another look at the Word Stream site: Fig. Use contrast An orange call-to-action button on a blue background is a great example of how contrast works.


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