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Random color choices can lead people in certain countries to associate something negative with your brand and you definitely don’t want that.Familiarize yourself with color theory In general color theory is the science of how color affects us. It would take too long to explain everything in detail – universities have entire courses that specialize in the topic of color! But there are some simple concepts that will enrich your understanding of color and can be used for website design.

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First you need to understand that there are primary secondary and tertiary colors. Primary colors are colors that cannot be created by mixing two other colors. There are three primary colors: red yellow and blue. Secondary colors are created by mixing two Phone Number List primary colors. For example when you mix blue and yellow the two primary colors you get green the secondary color. Tertiary colors are created by mixing a primary color and a secondary color next to each other on the color wheel. This is how complex colors are created; for example mixing blue primary color and violet secondary color creates blue-violet tertiary.

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Fig The result of mixing colors Now let’s talk about warm and cool colors. You probably already know what warm and cold colors are. Red orange and yellow are classified as warm while blue green and purple are classified as cool. Fig. Example of warm colors Fig. Example of cold colors Thirdly it is important to understand color nuances. Not every color you see is USA Person pure. Many colors on the Internet are mixed in one way or another. You may be seeing a tint a color with white added a shadow a color with black added or a tone a color with gray added. Color can also be oversaturated or undersaturated. The saturation of a color is determined by how bright or dull it is.


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