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Google and readers prefer long-form rich content. Create your posts with at least  words. Even better if you can use – words. Make it more detailed. You should try to take a step towards making it more saturated. The internet is filled with shallow superficial content. Readers crave deep valuable information. You can really stand out and improve your content by using an unusual angle unique research or existing data to back up your ideas. Make it actionable. Don’t tell your readers what to do. Tell them how to do it.

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Blog posts that provide step-by-step instructions based on tutorial material work much better. After you give the reader what give him the answer how. Emil Schur content manager for snack delivery service SnackNation was tasked with generating organic free traffic to the company’s website. Emil came across one of Brian’s skyscraper posts and decided to try it Kuwait Phone Number List out for SnackNation. After doing the research Emil decided to focus on the keywords ideas for a satisfaction improvement program. He saw that most of the content on the first page of Google search results was a list without details PDFs that weren’t visually appealing and weren’t generally valuable.

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So Emil decided to improve the content. As a result he posted a post with the title  ideas on how to increase employee satisfaction. This huge post was over  words long featuring  good ideas useful links and tips on how to get started with each one. Rice.  ideas to improve employee satisfaction The guide helped boost Emil’s initial traffic by  and earn over . monthly for SnackNation. Rice. Traffic results from  Ideas to Increase Employee Satisfaction Rice. Profit from increased USA Person traffic . Reliability Google prefers that you show the credibility of your site using links quotes research testimonials and reviews. Customer feedback is also of great importance. Writing personal ideas opinions and experiences is not quite enough.


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