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If someone wants to use that image without your signature they will need to request authorization in advance. That is you have full access to who will use your original work without any trademark that proves its authorship. But the use of the watermark is not limited to copyright protection despite that being one of the main purposes. There is also the possibility of involuntarily promoting a brand. Let’s assume you make a post for social media and it goes viral generating millions of shares. When this happens your brand is transmitted to everyone who has access to the material. Do you see how the resource is an important marketing ally.

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How to use DESIGN to sell more? Hotmelt Tips How to create a watermark in Canvas? So how to create a watermark in Canvas? Just follow the step by step that we are going to go through from now on. Step Algeria Email List First you will click on the create design option which is at the top of Caneva upper right corner as shown in the image. how to watermark in canvas step Next you will select the logo option which starts editing the image with dimensions of px by px. how to watermark in cava step In the upper left side of the screen the text option will appear.

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It will bring different templates for you to edit according to your goals. Click! how to watermark in canva step Then just select the original model name and enter your company name. step If you don’t like the size of USA Person the text or the font itself Canva gives you complete flexibility to make any kind of change. Before starting to make the watermark keep in mind what your goals are and how you will make this edit to make the job simpler. To do this just use the edit box at the top and that appears as soon as you click on your text.


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