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However if the teacher himself does not have a good command of the language. Use in digital channels it becomes much more difficult to establish a flow of production and knowledge for students. In many cases teachers rely on traditional teaching methods which do not have the same effectiveness within these spaces. The result is a missed opportunity to more effectively deliver your content to more people. Student training Just like teachers students also need to master the language used in digital media. To make the most of the content they consume. An audience that struggles to engage in online conversations and conduct research for example will benefit less from the class content.

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Like teachers students’ approach to receiving knowledge also influences their outcome. If everyone arrives with the mindset of a passive class just watching the content without engaging with it the potential Greece Email List of these channels will also be lost. Technological resources available In some cases even with complete disposal of all parties involved what limits digital literacy is the lack of access to certain technological resources. If there is no quality connection or computers or cell phones with good processing then the ability of students and teachers to engage with these resources also decreases.

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Despite this it is possible to start with smaller resources taking advantage of what is currently available to establish some fundamentals. The language of online research and interaction can still be learned even with limit USA Person resources. How important is digital literacy? Ultimately what determines whether a person will be digitally literate is their own adherence to the practice. Whether in organizations or individually there are still many who have not migrated to digital spaces either because of lack of interest or because they have encountered some barrier. Therefore there is a high importance regarding digital literacy.

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