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Collection and statistical analysis for research purposes.  and sifts out results that provide a successful basis for marketing and company-relat decisions. In recent years. Mr. has implement numerous projects in the fields of image analysis. success and effectiveness control. and customer satisfaction measurement. Mr. also convey his practical experience in several seminars. During the past few months Mr. has implement research projects for the following companies. . . . . . . Germany GmbH. . ä ü . ö are all valid. This makes it easier for us to assign you the right contact. Company enter your company name here. Ambush Marketing.

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Tickets During the World Cup of the World Cup. Deutsche Bahn has develop an interesting ambush. as it did during the World Cup. The marketing action of the Winter Olympics was implement. Definition of Ambush Marketing Ambush Marketing is Benin Phone Number List any marketing effort aim at capitalizing on mia attention to a major event without becoming a sponsor of the major event. Ambush marketing can be classifi as a means of guerrilla marketing also known as parasite marketing or parasite marketing . To avoid free riding. FIFA has tri to limit the exposure of non-sponsors through its internal rules. For example. companies that own the.

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Naming rights to football stadiums are USA Person not allow to use those names during FIFA matches. For example. during the World Cup. Cologne’s was call ö. marketing However. in principle everyone can report on the event and thus use the huge general interest for their own ends. becoming a free rider. Deutsche Bahn is now taking advantage of this. promoting it with a TV campaign. A clip can be seen in which the Bull Oracle. Dog Oracle. Water Vessel Oracle. and Water Slide Oracle are us to find the Soccer World Champion of the Year. This is for publicity. and it features an extra year of validity for.


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