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How do I keep my website or app up to date

One of the greatest cases of success in the use of strategy. How do I keep marketing and advertising is Apple. The company sells innovation and the desire for personal revolution and, implicitly, manages to evangelize its public. Awaken the desire of those who are not yet consumers. By telling a story, you awaken mental triggers in the people watching. This is a totally emotional process that impacts people’s decisions. Therefore, storytelling is a persuasion tool, which influences people to do business. With you and, also, start to have your brand as a reference in the market. All this happens for a few reasons: Storytelling affects the brain A well-told story is easier to remember than a poorly structured one.

Why do I need a constant development routine

This is the principle of storytelling. The theorist who died in 2016, Jerome Bruner, a pioneer in the study of Cognitive Psychology, noted in his work that a fact is about 20 times more likely to be remembered if it is inserted into a story. Engage the public Content developed in an innovative and attractive way USA WhatsApp Number List tends to catch the audience’s attention and allows for more interaction. It is normal in the digital environment that a good story, campaign and advertisement is shared among friends on social networks. This helps to increase companies’ conversion rates and results, since the customer is the best salesperson a company can have. emotional appeal.

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Prioritize the most important changes

When using storytelling in their strategy, companies can use elements that make the public identify with the story told, whether through a similar experience or even a wish to come true. The fact is that this content manages to get to the deepest and most decisive point in the purchase factor. He is the trigger that brands seek to influence the behavior of their customers! How to apply storytelling When you study your target audience, you USA Person will know the right time and way to invest in storytelling. Always remembering that there are no rules for your creation, but that it is attractive to your potential customer and that it also engages the public with your brand or product.

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