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Emphasizes attractiveness as an employer. clearly reflect the vision. values ​​and goals so that the right candidates can identify with it and thus choose the right employer. In this way. businesses have the opportunity to prevent problems such as shortages of skill workers and the negative impact of demographic changes. Employee motivation and quality of work also increases their identification with employers. Recent Research on Employer Branding In the context of employer branding. the application process itself should not.

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Be overlook. s about their preferr way Colombia Phone Number List of finding a job and found that the average person uses a smartphone or tablet to search for job openings and learn about potential employers. This value is even reach for the youngest interest group. that is. people up to years old. Use of Smartphones and Tablets When Looking for Jobs Source. Survey The job market is nothing without a smartphone or tablet Online job portals are primarily access through smartphones and tablets. More than mobile job seekers also use corresponding apps. One in five applicants said they us mobile devices to send applications directly. in addition to stationary computers.

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Therefore. companies that follow the USA Person trendquality mobile application solutions have a significant competitive advantage in the long run. They may appeal to people who would not apply through the more inflexible and time-consuming standard process. since few applicants spend an inordinate amount of time on the process. Mobile Recruitment Requirements This study asks that companies’ recruitment portals should take these specifics into account. For this. there are.


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