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The pages are filld with light and informal texts with phrases. Like give us a buzz on the telephone call us which make the brand seem more human and inviting. The same tone is maintaind in the reviews section. All positive reviews are not made on behalf of the clients themselves but their pets which cheers up. The reader and helps to form an emotional connection between the client and the brand. Best Small Business Website Examples: Green Packaging Website. Bonny : creative agency business website The main page of the creative agency.

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Bonny is extremely simple: horizontal stripes visually separatd from each other by a multicolor background and complement by illustrations and black and white photographs. All this helps the site find the right balance between naturalness and elegance. The agency also creatd a blog calld Bonny Journal where they publish articles on topics ranging from vintage Oman Phone Number List fashion to selfcare practices. Blogging is good for business : it improves search engine indexing attracts new visitors and helps build brand authority in a professional environment. The contacts section is designd as a popup side menu. And this means that the visitor can contact the agency without closing the page they are viewing. Best Small Business Website Examples: Creative Agency Website.

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Silang yacht charter service Every detail on the Islango website invites you on a sea voyage: from photos of the azure coast to a video cover with luxurious yachts. Using Velo from Wix the service has implementd a convenient booking system where the user can select the direction and region as well as travel dates. The service uses dynamic pages which significantly USA Person save time at the site creation stage. The principle of their work is simple: you just nd to create a page design once in the WIx Content Manager and basd on it similar pages will be duplicatd in which only the content will differ.


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