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That way even those who don’t follow your page can get to know your business and learn a little more about your brand. Segment the audience With this feature you can segment your audience and work on specific actions to attract their attention. It’s like the post hits the target instead of showing your content to people who don’t have the slightest interest in your product or service. But why segmenting the audience becomes so important? Understand in Brazil alone Facebook and Instagram have millions of users. With so many people like that the goal becomes to reach exactly the right group of people to know and consume your brand.

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The chances are very small and therefore it is essential to segment the public. That’s the only way you can make your posts reach your ideal user the one who needs what you have to offer. increase engagement Perhaps one of the biggest challenges in the digital environment today is keeping the public engaged on a brand’s pages. However with Ecuador Email List boosting the chances of engagement and interaction increase. Because this is one of the main objectives of the strategy. generate leads Boosting posts to the right group of people can generate business opportunities don’t you think? For this to happen you need to plan well boost the right posts and segment correctly.

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Even if not all people are impacted by your publication it is possible that many will still be interested. When people get to know your brand they have a real chance of becoming leads and starting to move through USA Person the sales funnel to the purchase decision. But remember the focus here is not on converting a sale but on generating leads and nurturing them with more educational content about some user pain as well as your business and your product. Strengthen brand presence One of the goals of the feature is very attractive for any brand to strengthen the digital presence.


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